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Jewellery that has been created for generations

We are a family run business established by Helena and Mieczyslaw Elis. They passed their passion for amber onto their daughter Agata Calka and son-in-law Stanislaw.

The young couple named the company: ‘Amber Ring’. It is not an ordinary amber ring they had in mind when doing so, as most people mistakenly think, but an AMBER CIRCLE.

Amber has always been present in our family and our lives revolve around it. Our daughter Karolina Piech and her husband Rafal are already the third generation of our family that is now working in the company. They have also made the decision to tie their lives to this stone. In this way Amber Family Circles are being repeatedly made.


Amber does not have to be boring!

We are aware of the fact that amber jewellery is often associated with something old fashioned and unoriginal worn by older generations. We have been fighting with this bad connotation for some time. Our projects prove that amber does not have to be boring or associated solely with a smart elderly lady. Our jewellery is mainly aimed at young, modern women who seek an element of elegance to their outfits as well as underline their personality and attract admiration.

We deeply hope that we will make you fall in love with our amber collections and forever change your opinion about this amazing stone. Thousands of women’s hearts are already under the spell of our amber jewellery why don’t you feel its magic too?


Jewellery created by professionals.

Agata and Stanislaw Calka have gained great experience working in her father’s workshop. Having a desire to create more unconventional designs, they decided to study for a degree specialising in Designing Jewellery and Clothes at The School of Art and Design in Lodz. They graduated from the university with a high distinction diploma and their understanding of contemporary jewellery design changed forever.

Thanks to their education and experience, today they create beautiful and outstanding jewellery that is both in good taste and elegant. We deeply hope that we will make you fall in love with our amber collections and forever change your opinion about this amazing stone. Thousands of women have already put their trust in us. Why don’t you trust us too?



Guarenteed quality and personalisation of customer needs

It is in our design and production department in Otwock that our handmade amber jewellery is created. We are flexible in adjusting to our customer requirements.

Apart from selling jewellery we also offer amber prefabricated products to other jewellery workshops. Due to our many years of experience we been able to develop our own methods of processing amber. These methods allow us to produce elements in a wide variety of desired shapes and colours.

When crafting our jewellery we only use raw materials, the authenticity of which is confirmed by quality certificates.

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