The founders of Amber-Ring Company are Agata and Stanisław Całka, the alumni of the Higher School of Art and Design in Łódź at the faculty of jewellery design. The company has existed since 1999, the year in which they both decided to set up and run their own enterprise. Connected with amber since their adolescence, they have put all their effort and drive into the realisation of their own vision. Thanks to their passion and involvement Amber-Ring is a place where very elegant, beautiful and sensuous jewellery is created, which may sometimes come across as extravagant but it is always practical. Designing new models of jewellery they match the inspiration that is derived from nature with simple geometrical shapes, and that is what makes their models unique and distinguishable. Novel collections projected in Amber-Ring are characterized by a wide variety of design and colour gamut.

The company also produces semi-finished amber products in demand by other jewellery firms. Through years of experience the company has developed their own methods of amber treatment helpful in the production of elements of desired shapes and wide colour gamut, simultaneously keeping the loss of material to a negligible level. Since its inception the company has been focused on foreign customers continuing this strategy despite the crisis which makes the development of many businesses difficult. Its main trade area is the European market, first of all Germany, France and Great Britain and a prospective trade area – China and the United States of America. What is more, in previous years the jewellery of Amber-Ring has been successfully sold in RSA and New Zealand. For many years the company has been participating in numerous jewellery trade fairs in Poland and around the world, continuing the expansion of its market influeance . The company constantly participates in fairs such as Amberif and Ambermart in Gdańsk and “Złoto Srebro Czas” in Warsaw. In 2014 Amber-Ring Company received recognition with its award-winning promotion emblem “Teraz Polska”, creating history as the first ever jewellery firm in the competition.

Observing the increase in interest in amber jewellery on the domestic market, especially among foreign tourists, the management of Amber-Ring Company decided to section off a part of the enterprise which would deal with amber jewellery distribution in Poland. Two retail shops, base mostly on selling the products of the parent company, had been opened in Warsaw. The latest project of the company is The Amber Museum in Warsaw, the aim of which is education. There are lectures on amber and its treatment, a stationary exhibit presenting the history of amber, from the moment of its creation to present day.